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Wairarapa Garage Doors and OpenersYour Garage Door often represents 30% of what people see of your home, is likely to be the largest opening in your home, is likely to be the largest piece of equipment in your home, and is likely to be an integral part of your home. Your Garage Door and Opener is a commodity that gets used on a daily basis and it is generally taken for granted that it will provide years of trouble free service. This is likely to be the case providing your door is regularly maintained and serviced. Industry recommends that your garage door be serviced on an annual basis. If your door is automated, it is imperative that the door is maintained in a well balanced configuration. This alleviates any undue stresses on the automatic opener and substantially increases the life and performance of the opener.

We conduct a comprehensive service and safety check of you Garage Door and Automatic Opener, and provide you with a written checklist highlighting any areas that require attention.

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